Hunter Impala from CBY

Yachts and Sailing Cruisers are one of the most popular categories of boats sailed in Ireland and typically range in overall length (LOA) from about 6 metres (20ft) to well over 30 metres (98ft). Anything bigger and it's a super-yacht! Boats value in price from simple starter boats for less than €20,000 but go right up to over €1million. Regardless of what you are after, we have a huge range in our listings below:

There is a vast array of makes models and types of rigs so choosing a yacht for sale can be hard for a novice. How can you tell a Beneteau from a Jeanneau? What's the difference between a sloop and a ketch? Yachts and sailing cruisers are commonly know by their rig and sail plan types: a Bermudan sloop is of the most common but gaff and ketch rigs are one of the most popular categories of boats sailed in Ireland.

Most sailing cruisers on Irish waters are in the six to ten metre category and offer the protection of a cabin for over nighting and the Irish climate. There are different types of sailing cruisers including day sailors which are just one step up from a dinghy, weekenders which might have a twin keel and then sailing cruisers by the far the most common type of yacht in private use, making up most of the 7 metres (23ft) - 14 metres (46ft) range.

Sailing cruisers are used for many different activities from gentle harbour sailing and day cruising right up to blue water cruising and voyages across oceans. Smaller sailing cruiser examples are yachts from the Benete....

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