Divers recover 'severed arm' floating in Durban Harbour

Community news / 12 November 2019, 10:38am / Jolene Marriah -Maharaj

Durban Search and Rescue and Metro Police Search and Rescue recovered the arm on Monday. Picture: Supplied

Durban - When divers from Durban Search and Rescue and Metro Police Search and Rescue heard about a severed arm seen floating in the Durban Harbour, they wasted no time in having it recovered. 

However shortly after the recovery it was established that the "severed limb" was in fact a lifelike Medical Training Prosthesis. 

According to Steve Middleton, head of Durban Metro, Transnet Stevedores alerted the Port Captain that a severed arm was seen floating in the water along the wharfside on Monday. 

"The howling South Easterly wind had pushed the limb into a large flotsam of debris between a cargo vessel and the wharf. 

"Divers immediately jumped in to recover the limb before it submerged beneath the debris and vessel. However it was soon established that it was a prosthesis." 

Middleton said on a lighter note the incident was not lost on the divers.

"It provided a true reflection of Response Time, Rapid Access to an extremely difficult Surface Search and Recovery and the coordination between different organisat....

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